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Made in Italy

The whole production phase, from design to finished product, is completely carried out in Italy by specialized workers.Made in Italy as well as Nettuno Marine Equipment®is synonymous with excellence, craftsmanship and uniqueness.

Tailor made production

Besides the Bimini Tops standard collection, there is a tailor made production manufactured according to several ship owners’ needs.Thanks to a latest-generation three-dimensional digital detection system, Nettuno Marine Equipment® is able to develop three-dimensional models and pro-pose them to the customer as a preview. Moreover, an advanced CAD system allows the study and the global design of the finished product, granting high production standards.

Production and Technology

Nettuno Marine Equipment® production is the result of perfect coordination between the technical office, the tailoring department and the mechanical workshop. Both production of standard collections and tailor made items, follow strictly controlled manufacturing processes. Thanks to the use of cutting-edge machinery and professionals in the sector, the tailoring department makes use of state-of-the-art CNC machines and la-test-generation sewing machines. In the workshop, the use of sawing machines, automated bending machines and drilling machines, guarantee precision and quality in every phase of processing.Each Nettuno Marine Equipment® product is the re-sult of the fusion of production processes that are at the same time artisan but industrialized, which com-bine tradition with innovation, manual processing with technology.

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