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How to choose the most suitable model for your boat or RIB

The Bimini Top choice is strictly lied to various elements including dimension, boat model and motorization. Once it has been established the exact installation point, it will be necessary to detect installation width, height and length. Based on this measures, it could be choosen a Bimini made of 2, 3 or 4 arches with structure with a more or less robust structure in stainless steel or aluminium. As a matter of fact, for withs greater than 215cm, more robust structure with 3/4 arches are recomended. To choose the right model, the usual navigation speed, should be considered. Greater speed means more stress and wear over the time. This guide shows how to take measurments and how to choose the model according the various elements.


The first measurement to take is the width between the right centre gunwale to the left centre one of the boat or, in case of an inflatable boat, the width between the right centre tubular to the centre left one. From this size it can be evaluated which model of Bimini Top can be installed. In case of measures other than those standard, it is better to choose the lower measurement (e.g. if you measure 208cm choose the size 200cm).


Nettuno Marine Equipment Bimini Tops are produced in height 95cm, 115cm and 140cm. A 95cm high Bimini Top is suitable for installations on boats with very high gunwales or for fastboats where it is not possible to stand up. A 115cm high Bimini Top is suitable for installation on guard rails or on boats with a minimum height of 80cm. For installation on gunwales of about 60cm. an height of 140cm it is generally recommended.

Number of arches

The transverse tube of the Bimini Top that crosses the boat in the direction of width is defined as an “arch”. A greater number of arches are reflected in a greater strength of the frame and in a better tension of the covering fabric.


An important element to consider is fabric by which the Bimini Top is made of Resin-coated polyester is used on light frames such as those in aluminium Ø 20/25mm or those in stainless steel Ø20mm whereas resin-coated acrylicis employed on stronger frames like stainless steel Ø 22/25/30mm.


Frame is made of tubes and the diameter of the-se ones influences the overall strength of the Bimini Top.The available diameters are 20/22/25/30mmThe aluminium or stainlesssteel frames with diameter 20mm are handy and light and suitable for small boats, whereas those with diameter 22/25 or 30mm are recommended on larger boats.Whole stainless steel frames are very strong and of great aesthetic impact.

Jaw slides

Another element to consider is the material of the jaw slides. Nylon jaw slides are applied on light Bimini Tops with reduced dimensions, whereas stainlesssteel ones are are applied to larger structures.

Deck hinges

Deck hinges are elements that allow installing the Bimini Top in different ways. On the floor, on the guard rail, on sliding rails or on the tubulars of the inflatable boats. Deck hinges can be chosen according to the various aesthetic and functional requirements, for any boat, both in nylon or stainless steel.


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